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What to Expect

First Visit

At your first visit, you will be greeted at our front desk by our office administrators where they will ask you to fill out forms regarding some personal information.

You will meet with the Chiropractor where they will ask questions about your overall health and obtain a medical history. A physical examination will be performed involving spinal and nervous system function and assessment. Depending on the results of both the history and physical examination, X-rays may be taken at our office.

Before you leave, you will be provided a follow up appointment referred to as a Report of Findings visit in which they will review the results of your examination/assessment and X-ray findings and provide a diagnosis.

Please allow 1 hour for the first visit.

Patient Intake Forms

Please download, print, and complete these forms so you can bring them to your first visit:

                                   Clinic Intake Forms

Second Visit

The second visit is referred to as the patient Report of Findings visit when they review the results of the examination and X-ray findings. A diagnosis is explained and a treatment plan is often recommended during this visit.

Details of the treatment plan will be discussed including what chiropractic adjustments are required and how they will be performed. Home based exercises and nutritional recommendations for optimal health are made during this appointment. Frequency and duration of care will also be discussed, meaning how often and for how long you require chiropractic care and why.

It is also recommended you bring a family member along with you for this appointment. they will be happy to address all questions and concerns about your care you may have at this time.

Please allow 30 minutes for the second visit.

Regular Visit

On your regular office visit, you will be greeted at the front desk and brought into one of the patient treatment rooms. The Chiropractor will ask questions about your comfort level, before receiving your next chiropractic adjustment. It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothing.

Allow for 15 minutes for this appointment.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your health care goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.