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About Us

Dr. Lynn Glazier has been in practice since December 2000. Upon graduation from chiropractic school it was always her intension to return to her home town of Miramichi and begin her practice. It was important for her to establish her practice in Miramichi in order to give back to the community and to contribute to the health and well being of the community in which she was raised.

Our Philosophy

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Our practice philosophy is patient centered in which patient health goals are discussed and from these goals an individual chiropractic care plan is recommended.

With every patient an emphasis is placed on health, and how one may obtain their true health potential. Recommendations are made regarding optimum spinal health and how this relates to whole health status.

Implementation steps towards achieving better health are also discussed related to proper diet and exercise.

We Can Help

The patients that get the best results in our practice are those who have an interest in being better people. They are looking to feel better and are willing to make the effort to implement changes in their lifestyle.

Dr. Glazier is often asked by patients, “Do you think you can help me?” She explains that chiropractors are facilitators to the natural healing process of the body, and through improving spinal function combined with making better lifestyle choices, they will recover.

Our vision for Miramichi community is that every individual is thriving, not just surviving. We want people to realize that poor lifestyle choices in terms of how active they are and what they choose to eat has a direct impact on their whole health including their mental and physical wellbeing.

Take the first step towards health and well being by contacting our Miramichi practice today and making an appointment to discuss your health goals.